May 19th, 2010

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i love johnston.  i loveeveryting.  what i realized tnight i tioio[s is that.... sso many things.... a. johnstn i smy home b. coming here was the fucking best decision i ever made c. i just realized how differnt my life ocld be in a bad way d. i am sooooooooooooooooo lucky e.  if you hav eissues...this is your fucking family.  issues come up with FAMILY.  f. i love all the people in teh world and i want to love them so bad but i cantttnttntntntnn reconcile with myself when they do bad thigns.  icant. and its sometimes goo dand sometimes bad but i cantttt recondcile tehmw with myself until im realdydddy.  g. amazing ppl rrr everywhere.  h.