March 5th, 2009

titanic, rose, jack

best fucking trip of my life, part 2

dear boston,

i miss you so much.  normal life sucks.  normal people, especially drama people, suck.  i don't want our boston group to forget about each other the way that groups like this always do.  we need to plan our camping trip.

love, becca.

dear nina,

i love this letter idea. 

love, becca.

dear calculus,

fuck it.  it's over.  i can't do this anymore. 

love, becca.

dear boy,

although i will not be sharing the list of similarities that i made with you, know that there are many.  it sucks that the only class we have together is hard to talk in and that i suck at getting to know people.  but maybe fate will intervene. 

xoxo, becca.

Basically I just really miss Boston.  We were different there.   All the people on the trip, we just became ourselves in a way that we never could at school.  It was a perfect combination of factors.  Such an amazing group.  It's so weird how things have changed now.  Me and Matt Labelle actually talk at play practice.  We've never done that before - but now it's just like we've been through this together and we're on the same plane and it just makes sense.  I wish the same could be said for other people, but whatever.

The play is gonna be good.  It's been fine, just not...I don't know, drama is just a game now.  Everything I've done in high school is so tiresome.  I get annoyed with people all the time, which makes me make bitchy but still funny comments - which no one take seriously, instead they're just like "WOW YOU ARE SOOOOOOO FUNNY!" 

P.S. I will tell you the list, ELjay

1. both got into earlham and want to go to a small college
2. both like the departed (and other thinking - movies)
3. both have smart siblings that we are overshadowed by
4. both are secretly smart but people don't realize it
5. both have dads who went to prestigious colleges (MIT for him and University of Chicago for me)
6. both like to read
7. both mean to friends
8. both have to take special care for our skin
9. both play individual sports.

really.  life is so unfair.  mostly because nothing is EVER going to happen :/
(but hey, this is better than the last phase.  JESS YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT)